$MYER Token - The New Crypto Star in Adult Industry!

Step into a world where pleasure meets innovation. With $MYER, the possibilities are endless. Our token is your key to unlocking a new era of adult entertainment, where every transaction is seamless and every experience is unforgettable.

Join us on this thrilling journey and discover a world of excitement, privacy, and endless rewards. It's time to spice up the adult entertainment industry with MyEroCam Token. Welcome aboard! 🌟🔥🚀

What is $MYER?

$MYER is the Token for Adult Industry

Embrace the future of adult entertainment with $MYER. By creating a token for the adult industry, we aim to solve the challenges in adult payments and revolutionize the way users engage with adult content online.

Rewards for $MYER Holders

Earn Rewards with $MYER as a holder! Enjoy token reflection for passive income, participate in regular community contests, compete in biggest buy competitions, and more!

Huge Profit Potential

The adult industry continues to thrive! By combining the booming adult industry with the power of crypto, $MYER offers an unparalleled opportunity for success.

Fully Functional Product

With years of experience, MyEroCam is one of the leading adult webcam platforms. Our site is fully functional, providing a secure and enjoyable experience for our users.


MyEroCam.com - Live Sex Cams & Chat with Hot Girls

Welcome to MyEroCam - the ultimate destination for live adult entertainment! Explore thousands of live sex cams featuring amateur and professional cam models ready to turn your fantasies into reality. Our platform offers a fun and interactive experience, where you can enjoy live chat rooms and engage with friendly performers who are eager to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

MyEroCam is a fully functional and operational platform. Anyone can visit our website and experience our live adult entertainment services firsthand. Simply visit MyEroCam.com and explore our diverse range of cam models and interactive chat rooms.

Our platform is fully prepared to integrate blockchain solutions, ensuring enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency for our users.

  • Established Product
  • Wide Model Selection
  • Loyal Client Base
  • Crypto-Ready Platform


Our smart contract, developed by reputable SAFU developers, forms the bedrock of our secure and transparent ecosystem. Equipped with buyback, reflection, and security features, including measures to prevent the exploitation of contract functions that may harm investors or provide unfair advantages to owners, it safeguards investors and ensures fairness for all.

For the first month after the launch of $MYER, we are offering 0% fees. This allows users to fully experience the benefits of $MYER without any transaction costs, making it an ideal time to get involved.

After that period, transaction fees for buying and selling will be set at 5%. These 5 percent include a 3% marketing fee, 1% redistribution among token holders, and another 1% for buyback. Our auto buyback tool purchases tokens from the liquidity pool and promptly burns them, enhancing the value of $MYER for all holders.

ZERO fees in the first 30 days

buy diagram
sell diagram
  • Presale 30%
  • Liquidity 17%
  • Marketing (locked) 10%
  • Rewards (locked) 3%
  • CEX allocation (locked) 15%
  • Burnt 25%


  • Creation of social media pages
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Contract audit
  • KYC verification
  • Website launch
  • Releasing of whitepaper
  • Pre-sale marketing campaign
  • Presale on PinkSale
  • Pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Post-launch marketing
  • Dextools & Dexview updates
  • Press release distribution
  • CMC & CG listings
  • Trending on AveDex, Dextools, Dexview
  • Listing on Tier 2 exchanges
  • Community growth
  • AMA with crypto communities
  • Influencers onboarding
  • Expansion to additional blockchain networks
  • Listing on Tier 1 exchanges
  • Community competitions and giveaways
  • Development of branded merchandise
  • Worldwide community meetups
  • Growth of ecosystem


We are excited to present some of our partnerships with respected crypto organizations. These strategic alliances are the foundation of MyEroCam, enhancing our position in the crypto industry and creating a network of aligned objectives. As we grow our ecosystem, these valued partners play a crucial role in our project's strength and success. Stay tuned for updates on our expanding roster of crypto collaborators, each contributing significantly to the advancement of $MYER in the blockchain realm.

How to buy?

Install MetaMask and buy some BNB

If you are on PC/Mac, download the MetaMask browser extension. Metamask also has a mobile app. Setup your account & add the BNB Smart Chain to your network list. Next, you will need to fund your wallet. To do this, buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your previously created MetaMask wallet address.

Buy on Presale or Exchange on PancakeSwap

Investors will be able to participate in our presale on Pinksale. To grab this limited opportunity, visit our PinkSale page to take part in our presale event. If you are too late for the presale, head over to PancakeSwap and select $MYER.

Buy on Pancakeswap

From: June 2024

Buy on PinkSale

From: June 2024


MyEroCam.com is a live video chat website where you can chat with amateur performers and real stars while watching them on webcam. Our video chat is completely live, allowing you to interact directly with the performer and direct the show in real-time! Performers broadcast live video from their homes to yours, covering almost every imaginable type. Clients can browse models by gender, age, sex, and interests to find their perfect match.

First of all, $MYER is going to address the existing challenges with money transfers within the adult industry. Month after month, year after year, payments and money transfers in adult industry become more complicated.
Additionally, our webcam clients represent a lucrative market with substantial financial resources. By offering them the opportunity to invest in our crypto token, we are tapping into this potential and providing them with a chance to become valuable stakeholders in our platform's success.
And one more thing - the collaboration between the adult industry and crypto presents an unprecedented opportunity. Both industries are known for their significant financial potential, making them ideal partners for innovation and growth.

The practical purpose of $MYER is to provide a safe, secure, and discreet payment solution for transactions within the adult industry. For clients, it offers a seamless and confidential way to make payments on adult websites. For models, it ensures safe, quick, and discreet payout solutions.
Additionally, $MYER serves as a cost-effective and user-friendly payment solution for all parties involved in the adult industry, including content creators, website owners, affiliates, and more.

Investing in $MYER offers several advantages for investors. Firstly, holders of $MYER tokens receive reflections on every transaction, providing them with a passive income stream.
Secondly, we regularly hold contests and offer bonuses exclusively for $MYER token holders, providing additional rewards and incentives.
Moreover, with hundreds of our models acting as ambassadors for $MYER, we attract attention and hype to our platform. This increased visibility translates to positive market movement, resulting in green candles and growth for our investors.

Our team is comprised of blockchain experts and crypto enthusiasts from around the globe, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise. With backgrounds in blockchain development, adult project management, credit card processing, and financial markets, we are united by our passion for innovation and commitment to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits our token holders and drives the project's growth.

We have completed the KYC process and auditions via live video streaming. You can verify it here: https://github.com/solidproof/projects/blob/main/2024/%24MYER%20Token/KYC_Certificate_%24MYER_Token.png

Absolutely! Our contract has been audited by Coinsult.net. Take your time to review the audit details at your convenience. You can access the audit by clicking on the following link: https://coinsult.net/projects/myerocam/. Download full audit report here: Link on PDF

Our contract address on BSC network: 0x2735032e9ae6cce7bf012541f22e5d93be2b89c5

Certainly! You're welcome to take your time to peruse our comprehensive whitepaper. Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram. We're readily available to assist you and provide the details you seek. You can access our whitepaper at the following link: https://whitepaper.myerocam.com

To buy $MYER, you'll first need a BEP20 supported wallet, such as Metamask. Next, acquire some BNB. Once you have these prepared, copy our contract address and visit PancakeSwap to exchange BNB for $MYER. Keep in mind that each transaction on the Binance Smart Chain incurs a BNB fee (known as the "gas fee"), which is paid to miners to maintain the network's operation.

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